LEH- The Heart of Ladakh

Leh was an important trade center of Central Asia from time age old and was a meeting place of the people of different nationalities. The region shows the ups and downs of "Great Game" in the 19th Century. As anywhere you go, there are vast number of travel agents., But we have some special and customizable packages which make us best travel agent in leh ladakh.

leh has quite a few interesting places on offer. You could start with the Leh Palace that rises from the edge of a hill. Overlooking the town and sweep out towards the blue sky. In addition similarly picture postcard of Lhasa’s Potala Palace, this deserted monument has a definite mystical quality about it.

The lanes and by-lanes curve around colorful Ladakhi houses. With brightly-painted windows overlooking little gardens blossoming with cosmos. Beacause the village is dotted with prayer wheels where you might see some locals turning the symbolic wheel. A network of narrow canals channel the river water to all parts of the village. Seems like you can never be far from the gurgling sound of flowing water. And patches of wild irises growing around the banks of the canal.

Best Travel Agent in Leh Ladakh


Ladakh is open to tourist throughout the year. While best time for tours and trekking is the summer season from May to September. Therefore it can extend up to October sometimes.

There is a rudimentary Sauna Spa not far from the Shanti Stupa in Changspa Village that offers a soft drink in the sauna! The striking green and white Leh Mosque in the Main Bazaar is also worth a visit. The mosque is open only to men. This is also a good place to find out about the possibility of doing voluntary work with various organizations. If interested, inquire at the reception centre or simply check the information board. Leh offers some delightful walks, especially around Changspa Village. Just take any of the cobbled lanes in the village and feel free to carry on as you please. It is impossible to get lost in this tiny village.

Best Travel Agent in Leh Ladakh


By Air : - Air India operates regular flight to Delhi-Leh-Delhi, twice a week between Jammu-Leh-Jammu and once a week from Srinagar-Leh-Srinagar.

Jet Airways, Go-Air and Kingfisher also operate daily flight between Delhi-Leh-Delhi.

Note: Those travelling by air are strongly advised to rest for at least one or two days in order to acclimatize to the high altitude.

By road : - There are two overland routes

1) Leh - Srinagar (434 kms) national high way 1D, remains open from early June to November.

2) Leh - Manali (474 kms) national high way, remains open from mid June to early October.

Best Travel Agent in Leh Ladakh

Climatic Condition

You might think that the Ladakh region remains snow laden all year round, but comes summer it is pleasurably warm, and spring is incredibly colourful and vivid.

To help you plan your trip to Ladakh, here are some average temperatures for Leh:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max -3 1 7 12 17 21 24 24 21 14 8 2
Min -14 -12 -7 -1 3 7 10 10 6 -1 -7 -11
Best Travel Agent in Leh Ladakh


Bunches of little children with sunburn rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. They will greet you all around the village with the all-encompassing greeting. Jule (hello, bye, thank-you and please) that you must be all too familiar with by now. In case you do feel a little lost or disorientated. Just ask any local and he will be happy to show you the way.

Japanese who harboured the ambition of spreading Buddhism across the world, had it constructed in 1985 with aid from the Japanese Government. The stupa is connected by a ‘motorable’ road and a steep flight of stairs. Once on top, you can stop for a snack in the tea shop, then relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the chain of mountains and the peaceful little village of Changspa with typical Ladakhi houses built along a gushing stream, and the towering Namgyal Tsemo in the distance. In addition to the best travel agent in leh ladakh we came on top of them