Responsible Tourism

First of all to us, responsible tourism means treating all our partners fairly and ensuring they are properly remunerated for their hard work and stay committed to each and every challenge as well as responsibilities. We strongly believe that more than anything else, it is the people around you who really make an adventure special. Our tour guides, cook, porters and other staffs are fairly and generously paid as we do not use tips to top-up the salary. We take pride in our staff and local partners, and the invaluable contributions they make to ensure our guests have the best possible experience.

At Dlonpo travels, we try to amalgamate the norms of responsible and green tourism, thereby promoting volunteering and sustainable tourism to all our customers. The wonderful thing about adventure travel is that it can be an opportunity to indirectly get involved in practical community projects around the world. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as knowing you're making a difference and building something for the future. Below is how, together, we can take a few simple steps to ensure that people can continue to enjoy the planet for generations to come without even compromising with the present need and aspirations.

Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints :

Our guides and porters are always careful to leave as little trace as possible of our presence when we visit remote locations, we never leave any rubbish. Our staff members are well motivated towards Eco-friendly practices. We carry out all our garbage, apart from those which can be safely and easily burnt at the campsite.

Encourage use of organic and locally produced food :

As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we provide our customers with organic food for their adventures whenever possible. This is often bought from local producers. For example, we try to buy food products for the trekking from the local vegetable market or from the villager's directly. This reinvests money into the local economy and supports local farmers, and small holders who grow their produce without the use of fertilizers.

Avoid using bottled water :

Another key feature of our green tourism policy is that we make sure we boil all drinking water when on location, rather than relying on bottled water. This makes a huge difference to the local environment, as bottles take tens of thousands of years to biodegrade.

Do not pollute :

Do not engage in activities that can pollute the various natural resources of the region. Avoid plastic bags by using your rucksack for shopping, Carry all batteries and other hazardous waste back with you and don't throw Cigarette butts everywhere as they are non-bio degradable.

Avoid bathing or washing clothes directly in streams :

During our tour and trek, we always try to make sure that our staff as well our guests remain well aware of the environmental impact of washing in streams and other natural water sources. As many shampoos, soaps etc contain harmful chemicals which are then deposited into the local ecosystem. Eco-friendly soaps are easily available to buy.

Do not damage flora and fauna :

Our Eco friendly itineraries are designed in such a way that it has minimum impact on the flora and fauna of the region. The purpose of the trek is so that you enjoy the beauty of the nature and witness it in its natural setting. So we endorse only such activities which may cause little or no harm in any way to the flora and fauna. For example while going on a trek, we avoid walking through shrubs and creating multiple trails across meadows.

Be involved with the locals :

Through our Homestay accommodation facilities and Hiking tour, we strive to provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural and social ethos. Be ready to enjoy the cultural exchange while being at tourist places. By being interactive and respectful to local culture, you can gain a lot of information. Always greet people with the magic word "Jullay" and wear a smile; it is easy to give, wonderful to receive. A smile surpasses all cultural boundaries.

Promote Energy efficiency :

We also stress on fuel conservation as these area does not have sufficient fuel (like firewood, kerosene etc) even for local consumption, let alone the tourists. Therefore try and be economical in your consumption and use of fuels .We also encourage use of solar appliances like cooker, solar lantern, water heater etc among our staff and partners wherever possible.

Be Culturally sensitive :

We try to encourage respect between tourists and hosts, and build local pride and confidence. So it is important that as a guest you follow the rules and guidelines of the place you are visiting, dress appropriately and don't encourage begging or any other inappropriate act that could have negative impression on the local people.