An ideal way of holidaying in Ladakh would be by camp cars or jeep tours. Tourists are taken in jeeps to explore different parts of the region from the known tourist destinations to the virgin territory of villages, some yet to be discovered by travelers. Outdoor camping can be enjoyed without giving up the comforts of modern life. We will pack all the required equipments in the vehicles and drop you to your camp site, where our expert guide and will help you to unload your gear and set up the camp. A cook and a helper will also accompany you.

Overnight halt will be in natural surrounding where one can spend the night in tents, enjoy the bonfire, dine under the star studded sky and move on to another destination the next day . The travelers are provided with excellent opportunities for hiking, visiting centuries old monasteries and interacting with the villagers. We guarantee that your knowledge will be enrich after experiencing the traditional way of life in village and turns out to be the one you dreamt of . Give yourself a chance to enjoy your quest for a thrilling experience and join us to explore the rich age old rural traditional life.


"If you are seeking creative ideas. Go out hiking. Angles whisper to man when he goes for hiking. - Raymond Inmon".

Ladakh offers some of the most exciting hiking destinations in the world. Hiking in Ladakh will be a lifetime experience for you, if you are not totally into extreme adventure like trekking yet you want a taste of it, as we will arrange a leisure activity of walking in beautiful natural environments on pre-charted paths called hiking trails for you.

Spending your holidays in chosen Destination without hiking in villages, wilderness nature, without meeting village people, your tour will be incomplete. You will really miss something very valuable part of your tour. So in our Cultural Tour packages we mostly include hiking in your day to day itinerary for deeper understanding of the cultural heritage and make your tour an unforgettable experience.


Ladakh is one of the sparsely populated places on earth with extremely aesthetic and peaceful environment. Homestay gives the perfect chance to experience a life of extreme peace and contentment. It offers you a unique opportunity to stay with local families and enjoy the rhythm of life in hamlets where farming and livestock herding has been the livelihood for centuries. Besides, it make available alternative livelihood source that in turn lessen the burden on natural resources and help conserve wildlife, which has been the aim behind starting the home-stay concept.

Homestay follow certain ethics to give the best service by emphasizing on the importance of Eco-tourism and conservation of the natural wealth. Though the standard are not high but rooms are clean and cozy, furnished in traditional Ladakhi style with meals prepared hygienically and boiled/filtered water to drink. Similarly, sanitary facilities are not of modern standard but they are clean and dry compost type Ladakh toilets. Same goes for beds, although warm and clean but one may carry sleeping-bag to suit his/ her own comfort. By Homestay tours you will get to enjoy the cultural warmth and hearty hospitality offered by the people of Ladakh thus making your tours the most memorable one.

We timely educate the Homestay host about hospitality and hygiene. All our Homestay hosts are friendly and love to share the knowledge they possess.

Homestay facilities
  • A clean and comfortable room, lit by candles or solar light and furnished in traditional Ladakhi style,
  • Traditional Ladakhi meals, cooked hygienically using eco-friendly methods,
  • Boiled spring water to drink and bathe
  • A clean, traditional dry-composting toilet
Benefit of Homestay tours
  • Home-stay tour helps rural local people to generate income from tourism activities in their areas. This in turn helping in reducing rural-urban migration.
  • Homestays contributes inconserving local cultural and natural heritage by ensuring that a percentage of the earnings go towards conservation activities such as garbage management, afforestation and reducing human-wildlife conflict by indirectly compensating livestock depredation.
We customized your Home-stay tours along with trekking and Jeep safari as per your need. For further detail, please write to us.